Faucets, San Angelo, TX

Don’t ignore the signs that you might need a new faucet.

The annoying dripping noise of a faucet can be unnerving, and it might be a sign that you need to have your San Angelo, Texas faucets assessed by our team at BL Plumbing Service. We can quickly look at the faucets in your home to determine if you need repairs or faucet replacements. Continue reading to learn what other signs indicate the need for faucet replacement.

Faucets in San Angelo, Texas

If you can see rust or corrosion on the surface or inside the faucet, it may be a sign of wear and tear, making it less functional over time. This corrosion can also increase the risk of it dripping, which can cost money if you don’t realize there’s an issue. On the other hand, a reduction in water flow can also be a sign that your faucets need to be replaced. This is due to problems with the aerator or possible blockages in the pipe.

Another sign that you need replacement might be that the handles are harder to turn or have become loose. When this occurs, there might be damage to the valve, or other parts might be worn out from use. While our team can repair many of these parts, we will discuss replacement if you start needing repairs more frequently.

Finally, pay attention to the noises your faucets make. If one makes strange noises like squeaking, whistling, or rattling, this could be a sign of problems inside the faucet that mean it needs to be replaced. Ignoring the problem may lead to more significant issues, so call our team right away.

Our team has years of plumbing experience to help you with your faucet needs in the San Angelo area. If you notice one or more of the signs above, contact us to see how we can help.


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