Keep Pipes From Freezing During Texas Winters

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Texas winters can be unpredictable, with temperatures going from 70 degrees one day into a deep freeze the next. You may think these cold snaps won’t affect your home’s pipes, but your pipes can freeze within hours of exposure to subfreezing temperatures. Here are some strategies to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Keep Pipes From Freezing During Texas Winters

Before the freezing temperatures arrive, you should:

  • Insulate outdoor faucets and pipes
  • Drain water hoses and disconnect them from the outdoor spigot
  • Drain your swimming pool circulation system
  • Drain sprinkler system lines
  • Open under-sink cabinet doors so the heated air can warm the pipes
  • Let indoor faucets drip
  • Make sure you know where your home’s water shut-off valve is and how to operate it

What to Do if You Have a Frozen Pipe

If a pipe breaks, use your water shut-off valve to turn the water off. Call us at BL Plumbing Service, especially if you can’t locate or access the broken pipe.

If the pipe is frozen but not broken, you can try to thaw it out with a hair dryer. Never use a blowtorch or open flame.

Texas winters can produce intense but short-lived freezing temperatures that can freeze your pipes. If you need help with a frozen or leaking pipe, give us a call today.